A Snip-it of us

I thought I'd take a moment to sit right here and tell you how we became restaurant owners. Let's start with background.... Christine- born and raised in Ralston Nebraska. Graduated from Ralston, went on to get my degree in teaching at UNL. Taught in Murray, Ne, before meeting Chip. Chip-born and raised in Birmingham Alabama. Started college in Alabama, then moved on to graduate from Tennessee. And as his story goes he got here by taking a wrong turn on his way to Albuquerque. We met, fell in love, moved to Raleigh NC. Lived there a few years while I taught and he began his career in mortgage business. Had our first daughter Piper there, then decided to move back to Nebraska. Continued our careers and had child number two-Keltie. After moving into our neighborhood and cooking a few meals of smoked meat our neighbors convinced us that he should do this large scale. So the search began to find a space. We landed on 108th and L where we opened Tired Texan BBQ. Named after his BBQ mentor in Alabama we created a space where when you walked through that door you became family. As he continued to cook amazing bbq the word got out and we grew. Then the world around us changed, and a fire happened in one of our smokers causing us to be closed for several months. With shortages of staff and food issues, along with our lease expiring we decided to call it quits. Then Ted Pafford Jr. sought us out and filled the gaps in what we were needing. So we moved on to the American Legion here in Papillion - We are home. The Legion family has taken us under their wing and are supporting us as we forge this new concept. Opening the week of Papillion days we hit the doors running. Never taking the easy road we jumped in with both feet. We are not the owners who own a place and never step foot. We are the heart and soul of this place. We have a solid crew who came with us from Tired Texan- because they too have grown to appreciate the love and family feel. So while we aren't a BBQ restaurant anymore, the American Legion was so kind to build him a smoke shack so that when possible, we can cook some occasional BBQ. Southern comfort affordable meals....that's what we have chosen to bring for you all. Come in, try a bite, join the family. Special thanks to ALL the Legion family, ALL our staff, Our families, friends, neighbors, and community for supporting us on this new venture. Hope to see ya'll soon.